Weight Issues.

Many girls believe the new trend is to be “thin” and decide to harm their bodies by starving, throwing up their food and going crazy while exercising.

Today i was told by my cousin that ive lost weight. Ive also been told this a few times by some of my teachers. Ive also been asked by someone whether i am anorexic and bulimic. My first reaction is always anger. I naturally have a slow metabolism and dont gain weight so that makes me anorexic?. Im 7st and about 5”2, to the doctors im underweight, to myself im perfectly fine, i eat regularly but dont exercise much. The reason for not exercising much is because of the fear of people judging me. Saying why are you exercising for your skinny enough or then after they ask me if ive lost weight. But they dont know that the reason for exercising is to keep fit and healthy, no weight loss intended. 

Maybe thats the reason why people decide to become so ill and anorexic, because of those labels that are placed upon them, skinny, thin, small, stick and the opposite, fat, big, chunky. 

I get pretty offended when someone says “OMGSH YOUR SO SKINNY” no1 i know i am i dont need others to tell me and no2 they would not go to a bigger person and say “OMGSH YOUR SO FAT”. Its plain rude. 

The pressure to be “thin” is disgusting, there should be more curvier role models out there. But even when there is they loose weight. For example Jennifer Hudson. She is beautiful. Bigger or Smaller. She has such a beautiful talent. I thought she was “comfortable” in her skin and loved being a role model but then she decided to loose weight and went down from about a size 16 to a size 6/8. Reading an interview she was in she even said that since loosing weight she has had much more opportunities given to her. 

So is this how things are now. Celebrities are now loosing weight for more opportunities and to develop their careers even more? What about the people that look up to them. So is it okay for them to also loose weight for them to have a “better life”.

Society confuses me.

Sunday Aug 8 @ 11:37pm

”Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something, you got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves they’re gonna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want something go get it.”
- The Pursuit of Happiness

”Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something, you got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves they’re gonna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want something go get it.”

- The Pursuit of Happiness

Sunday Aug 8 @ 11:24pm


What Traveling Around the World Looks Like in 1 Minute 

 Rick, Tim and Andrew, three ordinary guys, decided to take a trip of a lifetime: 11 countries in 44 days. 18 flights and 38,000 miles later they have three 1-minute videos showing what life is like around the world.

They recorded everything off two cameras and ended up with over a terabyte of footage which they cut, mixed and matched into an awesomely seamless blend of every notable place they’ve been.

They broke down their trip into three parts: Move, whichshows them walking around, Eat, which shows the delectable food they ate, and Learn, which shows all the amazing things they did.

Friday Aug 8 @ 10:44pm
"It’s so sad to see what society has done to people.. girls are constantly comparing themselves to other girls because of their looks.. the types of beauty are endless and internal beauty is the most important of all" Friday Aug 8 @ 10:42pm
I thought thin was out curves are in? But this thin battle needs to stop. Half of the “thin” models dont even look good. They look ILL

I thought thin was out curves are in? But this thin battle needs to stop. Half of the “thin” models dont even look good. They look ILL

Thursday Aug 8 @ 04:00pm
Too Short To Model?

Last year Britains Next Top Model hosted a live event where fans could come and shop, watch catwalk performances, learn how to catwalk, do make up and hair and sign up to modelling agencies.

Models 1, one of the top UK Modelling agencies were there scouting for “the next top model”. Everyone was told to go to their booth if they wanted a list of the top modelling agencies in London.

I am very interested in modelling and would actually love to experiment with it and do it. Now at this event I felt like a sheep. Im 5”2 and almost everyone there was atleast 5”5 and above so compared to them i was like a shrimp. Although i felt uncomfortable me and my friend plucked the courage to go to Models 1 and ask for the sheet of the list of all the top agencies. Now as we knocked on the door of the booth a White woman, probably aged 25, very tall with blonde hair opened the door. The first look she had given me was a “why the heck are you here look”. So i asked “Erm is it okay if i could have the sheet of the top agencies in London please” and she replied saying “who is it for” and i said “me” in the softest voice ever. The woman then took a look at me and my friend and said we couldnt have the list, they only take on models who are 5”7 and above and gave one of the most uncomfortable dirty looks ever. I thought to myself, so what i now have to be tall to JUST get SHEET of paper, i wasnt asking for a job, i wasnt asking for a photoshoot and i certainly wasnt asking for any favours. Just a Paper and i couldnt even get that just because of my height. 

So now I have this mentality in my head that im “too short to model”, who is going to take on a 5”2 midget when there is a 5”9 tree.

The way the modelling industry is going is just terrible. First its all the rumours about them not taking on enough “Black” models and now its discrimination against short people. When is this going to stop? Whatever happened to equality in society. 

Sunday Aug 8 @ 05:14pm

sorry for these videos but pleaseeeeeee watch this.. its really touching :(

First of all my opinion on this video is. Wow. Before i go into detail i just want to say that a few weeks ago i had done my work experience at a special needs primary school. Now at first i was so scared because i had had no experience and didnt know what to do or how things would turn out. The students in the primary school had so many different needs, for example autism, PMLD, (profound multiple leaning difficulties), down syndrome etc. And i can honestly say that these “needs” does not take away any of the beautiful charismatics of these children. Over the week i bonded with so many of them i loved when they called my name and just spoke to me as a friend. They were all just so beautiful both inside and out. But what upset me is that from obviously being older than them i knew or had a feeling how things would be when they were older. Some people in this world are so cruel and the thought of these children going to face many challenges in society really did upset me. 

And this is where this video comes in hand. I would hate the thought of this happening to any of those children. They are truly just like everyone else, have the same needs as everyone else and just want to be LOVED by everyone else. 

Watching this video, i like had a lump in my throat. For the people that did not stick up for this guy and help him should be ashamed of themselves. How would they feel if someone was speaking to their them or their niece, nephew, grandchild, friend like that? They would be the first ones to speak but because they do not know the person they feel to not say anything. I know that they feel that its not their place to get involved but the young boy is not retaliating so the least people could do was stick up for him. If i personally witnessed this. Oh my. I would give the person abusing them a hard lecture on how they should treat people and how filthy their attitude is. Like the woman said in this video by keeping quiet and watching whats going on and not getting involved means you are just as bad as the person making comments. Do not nod your head or “hmm” when someone makes them kind of comments. STAND UP. Open your mouth and let the person know that what they are doing is simply. just. wrong.

I hope to never be in that situation but i really feel for those who are actually in that position. Its like being bullied. Working and people are making fun of you everyday. Its just wrong. People these days should at least show a little empathy.

Friday Aug 8 @ 12:15pm
Young Girls.

This generation today of young girls is appalling *sorry to say*. Young girls that sleep with guys/their boyfriends just so that they dont “leave them”. I think they really need some motivational speech because that is not the way to be going at all. But its really sad. How these girls are so desperate to grow up and “try new things” and in the end what happens. They get hurt. Some have babies. Some leave/get kicked out of school.and some just leave with low grades. Is that the life that anyone wants to be living?

But back to this sleeping thing. A lot of young girls are VERY vulnerable and i dont appreciate the guys that take advantage of that. How could a boy even have the audacity to tell a girl “if you dont sleep with me i would break up with you”. I know or have heard this happening to a few people aswell and its a nasty attitude and thing to say.

This links with Eastenders (sorry im a huge obsessed fan who watches every single episode of eastenders on each of the 4 night that it comes on :$) When 14 year old Abi wanted to sleep with her boyfriend Jay who is like 16+ im guessing. She was not completely ready to lose her virginity to him but she thought that because she was in “love” or that he “loved” her and that she wanted to be with him. She should give up one of the “precious” things she has. Her V card. I personally think that attitude is crazy. Where do girls get that idea from?. To sleep with a guy does not mean that he would stay with you forever and a lot of people need to realise that. Luckily Abi used her common sense and realised that she was “not ready” and she felt that if Jay really loved her then they would wait. Together. 

But yes, a lot of young girls seem to need a lot of guidance right now and to understand that they are worth so much more than what they deserve. Oh and no girl should EVER settle for less too.

Friday Aug 8 @ 01:46am


This video actually gave me chills. Firstly for the fact that numerous people walked by to see this girl almost be taken by a stranger and not take action. Secondly was how one of the women basically did not do anything to help because she thought “someone else would take action”. But the question is even if she thought someone else would take action. Would they really? She certainly didnt care that a little girl was screaming “please help me he is not my dad”. She clearly had somewhere to go and just went.

If i was to ever see this i would probably do some of the things that the two men did at the end. I would observe the situation and make sure that shes not just a little child acting up with her dad, call the police, call for back up, call for help and take action. Not just walk by. If this was an actual real scenario is this what the public would really do? Walk by and let a young child be abducted. Things would be too late then. Anything couldve happen. She couldve been killed. Raped. Abused. Anything. And people were only wondering about getting to where they needed to get. Its really shocking. You would think most people would help and question what is going on.

As it says at the bottom description on the actual youtube page “The girl in this video was doing everything right - yelling over and over “You’re not my dad! Someone help me!” It didn’t do her any good, did it? - and the question is no it did not do her no good.

Members of the public need to not only look out for themselves but for other people and especially vulnerable children. I really hope something like this does not happen in real life. That would just be completely shocking.

Friday Aug 8 @ 12:31am
My Mother.

Its blog what you want and what interests you right?. Ok this is *personal* but hey. This post is about my mother and i just want to explain why shes such an amazing person. See people only know your name but not your story or what you have been through. Thats why people shouldnt just “judge” when they see people. But my mum is one of the strongest women i know. She does so much for me my little brother and my sister. She has taught me sooooo much and is always there to guide me. Im so grateful that shes my mum. Im grateful because i know that not every mother out there is perfect or is like my mum so i should be lucky for the mum that i have. Of course we have our disagreements. EVERY DAY. But through it all shes always there for me. Always putting her children before herself. All the time. Literally if i didnt have her Lord knows where i would be today. I know i wouldnt have been at this Journalism Academy. This is just a little post to show my appreciation and the love i have for her. She gives me so much hope and motivation and support. Im so grateful.

Thursday Aug 8 @ 09:43pm
Young Journalist Academy.

Im actually really really really loving the Young Journalist Academy right now. Like its been 5 days so far and i feel as though ive learnt SO much. Ive made some pretty cool friends. I love the place especially because it seems like no one really judges you. Everyone is there for the same reason. We all have a passion and drive to do things we love. From the school i come from. Wow is it a judgemental one. You do one thing and BAM. Its really disgusting to be honest. Most people are friendly too. Im actually soooooooo happy to be given this opportunity. Im normally the one who never ever gets what i want lol and to have this experience is just amazing. I DONT WANT IT TO END. I even wish i could apply next year but that would be selfish of me. Lol damn. 

Thursday Aug 8 @ 09:25pm
music - something i listen to when i want to escape reality.

music - something i listen to when i want to escape reality.

Thursday Aug 8 @ 08:49pm

*please watch :3* .. 

This video slightly shocks me. Only at the fact that not many people would stand up for this Woman. Like cmon im not the MOST outspoken person but when it comes to sticking up for things that i believe in i can ramble on for years. To be truthful and honest, this sort of thing has happened with me a few times with me and my friends which i dont really understand why. But even if people see these sort of things happening, i know they may feel its not their place to say anything but im sure if they was to be put in the same situation they would want others to stick up for them and especially for racism. I believe that situations like this really do need to just chill and calm down and to let people shop wherever they want and do whatever they want without having someone at the back of them watching their every move thinking that they are not “good enough” to be at a particular place.

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 11:54pm
Labels and Stereotypes and Expectations.

Truth is everyone slyly places labels and stereotypes with everyone and anyone. Once again this topic links to sociology and a media a little. A few common stereotypes i could think of from the top of my head that i know is that:

- Teenagers are rowdy, loud and does not listen to their parents

- Black boys are “thugs” and in gangs

- Asian people own a Mercedes and are doctors

- White people cant dance

- All Black people eat lots chicken *slyly true* but still a stereotype lol

- All Chinese people are clever.

- Middle class people do better than working class people

Those are just a few i could think of but i was wondering why people stereotype and place labels and HOW they do it? Is it really that easy to just see some one and automatically judge them? And with labels - which links to my topic yesterday about middle class vs working class. What ive also learnt in sociology about education is that teachers may not know they do this or believe that they do but if they was to see a student with dirty clothes with holes in them looking scruffy and not speaking “correct english”. They may automatically label this student as being “deprived” or an underachiever whereas if they was see a student who spoke with a wide range of vocabulary, who may have the latest clothes etc, they may think oh this child has potential to do well. 

Even personally my brother has or is being labelled in his school. He is 11 years old. When he was younger in school he had bad anger management and would get in lots of trouble. At the age of like 5. Even till this day any little thing he would do. The teachers would just report him or exclude him and he would get in serious trouble. Not giving him a chance to improve or better himself. Since they have labelled him as a trouble maker from his younger years it seems as though they do not want to let go of this label and its really upsetting.

I know we all possibly all label and place stereotypes on people but not intentionally but instead of us acting on what we “think” or “believe” a person to be why dont we just try and get to know them first, inside out and then our thoughts would obviously change. 

This links with the Self Fulfilling Prophecy which has steps to it

1st the Teacher or Individual places a label on someone, for example to be trouble maker

2nd The teacher then treats the student according to the label they have placed

3rd Then the person then becomes the “label” the teacher thought they were and actually becomes a “trouble maker”!

So im guessing we have to be really careful not to live up to the stereotypes and labels that people place on us and to just focus on ourselves and shine i guess. And to obviously not to be so quick and make judgements while meeting people.

Wednesday Aug 8 @ 12:31pm
Race for Life run for Cancer Research.

I realised a few weeks ago that just because i am slim does NOT mean i am fit. Im FAAAARR! from healthy. So yeah i had done the race for life run about 3 weeks ago and boooooyyy was that hard. I walk fast but i dont run. or jog. I was so tired and my legs ached so bad. I would basically jog for a bit then stop then walk then jog then stop. It was such a fail. Im so happy i didnt fall flat on my face though. Oh and it was heavily raining too and it just wasnt nice. But the motive i kept all throughout running was that your doing this for a good cause, your helping people beat cancer and raising money. I recommend anyone to do the race for life. Its so inspirational but so sad to see how many people lost their loved ones to Cancer :(

May they all rest in perfect peace xo

Tuesday Aug 8 @ 11:28pm
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